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“Web of Anansi”, written by Nina Domingue-Glover, is a luminous account of a wise spider (Anansi) who allures two cubs into its intricate web of storytelling. This folktale takes us on an enlightening journey where important life lessons are revealed. The cubs in “ Web of Anansi” are confronted with puzzling social issues, and througout the play, the cubs try to figure out the hidden, but important, messages embedded in each of Anansi’s stories. The characters are enriched by the stories, which center the humanity that unfolds throughout each tale. By the end of the play, the cubs realize that they are entangled in the great mystery of life, but can see the world more fully allowing them to question their own beliefs. “Web of Anansi” can teach children to think deeply about multiple themes and ideas, while using their own lived experiences to connect with the depth of what the characters learn.